Video Testimonials


 Darrell Hornbacher

Personal and business credit/finance company that has obtained over $1,000,000,000 for its clients in the last 14 years.

September 10, 2018, Darrell worked with Peter but at different companies

If you're searching for someone with proven knowledge and an intimate understanding of financial resources, options, and opportunities, you'll be glad you found Peter Burns. He understands the fundamentals of credit, finance, and business development and offers profound insight into the workings of our monetary system. Not only will he show you how to bring better financial choices into your life, but he'll do so in a way that brings life improvement. 

Peter has extensive knowledge of the business world tempered with the experience of a long and established career. The counsel, information and service he has provided has always been of the highest caliber, as is his character and personality. I would give Peter my highest recommendation.

  • Sarah Gallo

    CEO at The Five Foot Traveler (Oct - India & Bhutan, Nov - Indo & Aus, Dec - Australia. 101 countries visited)

    September 2, 2018, Peter worked with Sarah in the same group

    Peter entered my life quite unexpectedly here on LinkedIn, and I’m sure glad he did! I’d just decided to take my presence on this platform more seriously when a message from Peter landed in my inbox. Within 5 minutes, he and I were on a call and I knew right then and there that there was no turning back - that Peter was going to help shape me to be a profitable business owner under his guidance. He has a lifetime of entrepreneurial experiences and successes, and a willingness to help that I’ve never once seen in this industry. It’s pretty remarkable that within a week of speaking with him, he helped secure me a new client and brainstorm new business ideas. Peter, thank you so much for coming into my life and I’m so eager for all that’s to come!

  • Frank Clear

    CEO at Bold Barter

    August 18, 2018, Peter worked with Frank in the same group

    I have worked with Peter on several business projects, including this entrepreneur card. Peter has an infectious way of creating great business projects. I know with out doubt, that several of his current projects are going to be ultra successful. The travel coin, coupled with corporate barter projects and this entrepreneur card are definite winners. Please feel free to contact me for any other information.

" I first met Peter Burns around 2005, been so long I don't have the exact year, but it's been at least that. Peter loves entrepreneurism and is truly at heart a builder and connector. When I met Peter he was establishing a "Club E" which was an incubator for startup businesses, any and all businesses. Peter put together regular monthly events where like minded people got together and shared, some did business with each other and others we remained friends. It was a fantastic experience for me as a young semi-seasoned entrepreneur.

Since 2005 I would sometimes reach out to Peter, he remembered me, he opened up his contact book to help me, with no reciprocity, just open heart to help. He has helped me more than once in the past, for that I was able to move forward and accomplish my goals a little quicker, thank you Peter.

Peter today is still a go getter and has a larger heart than ever. I recently reached out to Peter in early 2017 for some reason, don't know why, but summer 2017 I was looking for something specific. During the conversation I asked him "do you know anyone who is in the ..... industry" and he says "yes" so I introduced him to a friend / business guy of mine named Jerry, and in the past week or two these two guys have put together something so amazing, their combined efforts will help new entrepreneurs grow a business faster than ever in many ways never seen possible.

My hats off to Peter Burns, long time business colleague and friend. Peter Thank You from the bottom of my Heart!"

— George Pauli, NutraMetrix Consultant at NutraMetrix, Market America, Inc.

" I value Peter on many levels. He is a true blood entrepreneur with a sharp instinct for business opportunities. His visionary abilities to recognize market trends at an early stage impress me every time we speak. 
In my capacity as VP of business development at Alliance I had the pleasure to work with Peter to launch a unique booking platform offering luxury villas, apartments and hotels at rates far below retail."

— Kim Andreello, President at Avia Travel Services

" Peter Burns is a supreme analyst of people's abilities. His evaluation of connecting an individual to perform their strengths and thereby introducing them with a viable contact is truly outstanding. He creates a potential win-win for everyone involved in business development and entrepreneurship."
— Elliott Konick, Sunbelt Business and Commercial Real Broke

" It's always refreshing to deal with people who see high value opportunities every where. Peter is one such person, and he is not afraid to share his best ideas. 

Be warned -- he is one of those people who might tell that you aren't aiming high enough. And you better be able to handle a quick pace and posses an insatiable desire to get things done."

— Anthony Parent, Best Selling Author | Tax Attorney for the Entrepreneur | Angel Investor

" Peter is one of the most interesting people and accomplished entrepreneurs that I have met. That is validated when just reading his LinkedIn profile. In fact, looking at Peter's accomplishments you almost have to question whether he could really have done all those things. After knowing Peter for almost 10 years, I can tell you that it's all real, and that Peter is a genuine, honest guy with a big heart. And from my recent conversations with Peter, it looks like he's just getting started!" 

— Robert Tepper, Digital Marketing Specialist & Mentor 

" Peter is a an exceptional Entrepreneur, who really cares about people and
has helped many beginning Entrepreneurs to get started and become successful!
He is creative, smart, and has an imagination that has resulted in creating 100's
of top notch businesses. I am enrolled in his vision of continuing to expand Entrepreneurship globally!"

— Jeff Dameron, Real Estate Agent at Encore Real Estate Group

" Peter enthusiastically shares his energy, expertise as an entrepreneur, master networking skills, candor and integrity with the people and projects that surround him. His ability to remove obstacles and create value make him a wonderful resource and business partner."

— Matt Creech, EVP Business Development at UNDERground Villas & Hotels

" Peter has been a very good friend and business colleague for many years. He has always more then delivered on any endeavor we have worked on together. I would strongly recommend his services to any entrepreneur who seeks his help."

— Bruce Blechman, CEO at Entrepreneur Capital Corporation - The Financing Coach

" Peter Burns is very smart, creative, entrepreneur.
He has an extraordinary grasp of tax considerations that relate to cost segregation and the applicability across a broad spectrum of real estate asset types. Our discussions are always thought provoking."

— Joel Grushkin, Managing Director-Cost Segregation Initiatives - Cost Segregation Initiatives

" Peter is a hard working entrepreneur, constantly developing new ideas and constructing creative solutions to any business problem or opportunity that comes his way. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the luxury lifestyle industry and I have seen him bring together unique business partnerships in this space. Working with him on several projects has been truly inspiring." 

— Aashritha Marepalli, Financial Analyst - Climb Credit

" Peter is an innovative, passionate, hard-working and overall extremely pleasant person to work with. It was his interesting blogs that influenced me to bring him on board with The Sybarite as a blog contributor in the first place. Through this we have now developed a business partnership, and I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with him."

— Aimee Phillips, Writer. Editor. Social Media Manager - EUPHORIA Magazine

" Peter is pleasure to work with and clearly has passion as well as expertise for business development in the luxury lifestyle industry. His vision is why I look forward to working with Peter well into the future!"

— Brian D. Fiske III, M.A.S. - Aviation Executive and Consultant

" Peter is a very creative, intelligent and well-connected entrepreneur that is truly a pleasure to work with. I've found that he is not only innovative in his thinking, he knows how to put all of the pieces together to solve business challenges while being able to easily articulate benefits to all parties involved. As a passionate problem solver, Peter is able to generate great enthusiasm with those he collaborates with. I highly recommend Peter as a business development professional to any organization that seeks smart, creative, business ideas."

— Mark Royer, Technology Consultant | SEO & Lead Generation Expert + Certified Digital Marketer (2017)

" Peter is highly intelligent. This, combined with the fact that he is a visionary, makes him capable of identifying a profitable business model where there was none before."

— Holt Hackney, Managing Partner at Theme Communications and Owner of Hackney Publications (Sports Law)

" Peter is an exceptional businessman and entrepreneur that produces high end results. During the last few months that I have worked with him he has consistently brokered some high value deals that all parties are hugely content with.

Peter has the ability to quickly understand complex information, distill this information and formulate incredible opportunities with multiple parties through his extensive business network community that he has cultivated for the last 40 years. He ensures that everyone involved gets, at the very least, a fair deal and very often adds extra value. 

It is clear that Peter believes in gratitude. He often gives first and sets up a supportive and profitable environment for those that choose to partner with him. If you are interested in accelerating your business growth then Peter is great person to partner with."

— Alastair Macartney, Digital Marketing Specialist - Wizard Room, Institute of Leadership & Management

"I have a deep admiration and respect for Peter Burns not only as the Founder of Club E but as a person. He is gifted with high intelligence and uses it to benefit mankind. He brings so much to the table as he assists the community and it's endeavors. While others create dreams, Peter ignites them into realities for the entrepreneur. He has truly amazing concepts that work, which in turn will benefit all. It's in everyone's best interest to cultivate a relationship with Peter, for as a result it becomes a win, win. Surround yourself with winners!"

— Austin J Feldman, Founder, Austin's "Who's Who" In Arizona, was with another company when working with Peter J. at Club Entrepreneur Network

"I LOVE Peter! He is probably one of the best, well connected entrepreneurs I know; and I know allot. His passion to make opportunities happen for others is unbelievable. I am extremely inspired and motivated by him and look forward to working with him for many years to come…."

— Kim B., Founder, KimCo LLC, was with another company when working with Peter J. at Club Entrepreneur Network

"Peter is the entrepreneur's entrepreneur. His constant focus on helping individual business people succeed and his relentless devotion to improving the economy locally and nationally make him a visionary who is years ahead of the norm. I would love to take Peter's concepts world-wide."

— Jack Eberenz, Principal, Franchise Integration, was with another company when working with Peter J. at Club Entrepreneur Network

"Peter Burns is the definition of a serial entrepreneur and leader. As the Founder of Club E Exchange and the visionary behind Club E Office, where I recently located my client, Xentras Communications, he brings a concept to market, entrepreneurial incubator, that is sorely needed in this and probably every market. His style is straight-forward and he is passionate about both getting his projects to market as well as helping others achieve their dreams along the way. Most importantly, Peter has a kind heart, which in my book is the most undervalued and rare commodities in business today. I am looking forward to Peter Burns being a part of my business life for many years to come and seeing where I can help him in any way possible."

— Business Development, Xentras Communications, was with another company when working with Peter J. at Club E Exchange

"I only recently began working with Peter, conducting workshops at the new eFactory location in Tempe. The more I learn about Peter, the more respect I gain and the more I like him. Peter is a man of action - it is so refreshing to meet someone who says "let's do this" and he means now! I've come to realize that Peter truly wants to help out everyone around him, he's probably one of the most giving and caring people I've ever met. I am so thankful that I've had this opportunity to work with Peter and I hope our relationship continues for a very long time. NEW ADDITIONS TO THIS RECOMMENDATION as of 9/1/10 I have spent the last 13 months working closely with Peter at Club E, specifically managing the Club E Offices. I would like to add to my recommendation that now I know Peter quite well, everything I said above is true, but now I know Peter's true gift - he is a master connector and miracle worker. Peter has truly found his calling as he meets personally with each Club E member who asks for an appointment. Watching him in action is amazing. Peter mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as he can, through his work with Club E, he is well on his way to helping many."

— Sonia Graham, Chief Experience Officer, Maximum Business Advantage, was with another company when working with Peter J. at The eFactory, LLC

"Peter Burns is an amazing guy. Since I met him about a year ago, he has introduced me into many opportunities. So many, in fact, that I still have not had time to close them all. My University is on a new growth path as a result of Peter's contacts. In addition, I thought so much of Peter, that I asked him to become Dean of our College of Entrepreneurship. Peter has an amazing passion for starting and building business and he loves helping people. In his role as Dean, he brings shares that passion and the University and its students  are benefiting. Peter is a must on the "get to know" list."

— Don K., PRESIDENT & COO, Andrew Jackson University, was with another company when working with Peter J. at The eFactory, LLC

"Well .....................!! Peter Burns is simply a very rare and gifted Leader! Peter personifies the respectful tribute that says..."He is a Gentleman ..... and ... a Scholar!" Peter is anointed to ply his 'World-Class Rolodex' in such amazingly helpful ways! Peter is truly a walking encyclopedia of Entrepreneurial Wisdom! For any organization considering hiring Peter's expertise, Peter will certainly "WoW" with his candor, his focus, and his vision ! Certainly, it is an honor to give my highest RECOMMENDATION!!!"

— David Cooper, Chairman, ASK David Cooper, was with another company when working with Peter J. at
The eFactory, LLC

"Peter Burns III is the E man. He is THE man for Entrepreneurs. He has a phenomenal E Factory plan and he has a extraordinary passion to help the entrepreneur become successful. He is the consummate professional in the entrepreneurial world. I highly recommend him to any and every entrepreneur trying to get their business off the ground or take their business to the next level."

— Jonathan V Reece 602.332.1772, Vice President, RepublicBankAz, was a consultant or contractor to
Peter J. at The eFactory, LLC

"Peter has a mind that never rests! His ability to create opportunities and give people a way to make a difference is second to none. I enjoy brainstorming and sharing my business ideas with Peter because I know I will get direct feedback and action steps that I can measure for success! I recommend anyone that has a desire to learn about entrepreneurship and leadership to make Peter a close connection. I am very fortunate to say I did!"

— Cheryl Farmer, CPA, CEO, Just Be You LLC, was with another company when working with Peter J. at
The eFactory, LLC

"Peter Burns is one of the most well-connected people I know. He has uncanny intuition around business matchmaking to create win win relationships unlike most I have ever seen. I guarantee if there is an idea, concept or need you have- Peter will know someone or connect you with resources to help you take that next step towards making it happen."

— Ingrid VANDERVELDT, Managing Partner, Ingrid Vanderveldt LLC, worked directly with Peter J. at
The eFactory, LLC

"I have had the opportunity for three years to work with Peter on a variety of projects. Peter helped my new company get funded, and he has connected me with an incredible network of associates, mentors and friends that I would not have met otherwise. Peter and I share a commitment to advance entrepreneurship education.  He is a person of great vision and passion to revitalize our economy. To this end, Peter has been pioneering an innovative model that includes eFactory, the Institute for Entrepreneurship, and Club E. I have seen the model effectively touch the lives of many individuals to help them grow and prosper along their success path particularly to help them take creative responsibility for their own destiny. I highly recommend connecting with Peter Burns, and his many enterprises."

— Richard Otto, Vice President, American Hydrogen Association, was with another company when working with Peter J. at The eFactory, LLC

"Peter Burns joint venture connections (and inspiration) have helped me launch 3 successful new ventures in the past months (potentially worth millions to me). He is one of the most connected people I know in the "true entrepreneur" world. While he networks with some elite and powerful people, he remains accessible to anyone with passion and a great business idea. He's a true "elder statesman" of entrepreneurship."

— Victory Darwin, president, Vision 2 Victory Business Loan Program, was with another company when working with Peter J. at The eFactory, LLC

"Since the founding of his first company during college, Peter has been a serial entrepreneur. If you have the inkling of an idea, or wish you could launch a business, Peter is a terrific resource. He is gracious in sharing his time and open in sharing his ideas. Contact Peter for help with your new start-up."

— Heather Brebaugh, President, How Opportunity Works, Inc., was with another company when working with Peter J. at The eFactory, LLC

"Peter is acknowledged throughout the business community as a leader, innovator, and visionary. I know him as a compassionate and inspiring professor who brings hope and inspiration to those he mentors."

— Karen Taylor Roane | Expert Marketing and PR Solutions, Associate Pastor, Vineyard Church North Phoenix, worked directly with Peter J. at Multiple Companies