In May 1977, I rented a dirt lot in downtown Nantucket Island, bought a folding table and cash box from the local thrift shop for 50 cents, unloaded 15 new mopeds and started my first official business.  I learned many valuable lessons that summer, and after counting my pennies ($55,000 worth) at summer's end, I tendered back the three remaining years on my ROTC scholarship and embarked about on my expansion for world domination in the recreational rental industry.

I am a serial entrepreneur who specializes in the establishment and operation of niche market replicable business enterprises. Here is a humble list of various ventures.

  1. Started the first moped U.S. rental business, eventually expanded to 100 locations (Nantucket Moped 1977)

  2. First one to integrate beach stores with rental business and created a large chain (Island Beach Company 1980)

  3. One of founding members of largest international network of entrepreneurs (YEO 1987)

  4. Created the first "Dolphin Tour" business using jet boats on guided tours through wild dolphin habitats (Water Tours 1995)

  5. Established the first franchised rental chain of bicycle, mopeds, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, exotic cars, and water sports equipment (Fun Rentals 1996)

  6. Created the first integrated media rich commercial email marketing business (Cybertising 2000)

  7. Invented the "Insert-A-Zine" niche-publishing concept (NightLife Magazine! 2001)

  8. Started the first "open source entrepreneur-ship" organization in U.S. (Club Entrepreneur 2006)

  9. Started the first independent accredited College of Entrepreneurship in U.S. (GCU CoE 2007)

  10. Created the template to open CoEs through development of own curriculum and business process (IfE 2007)

  11. Pioneered the expanded market for Cost Segregation Studies, introducing a Patent Pending for unique applications (CSS 2008)

  12. Established the first self-contained entrepreneurship center in the U.S. (eFactory/Club E Office 2009)

  13. Co-founded the first financing organization for "creatives" (singers, film producers, artists) (, 2013

  14. Acted as Entrepreneur-In-Residence for International NGO in Ethiopia ( 2013

  15. Invented unique "shared economy" use of unused time in multi-million dollar vacation villas ( 2015

  16. Established an international travel venture (, a FinTech product (, and expanded cost segregation venture ( 2016-Present

  17. Launched Burn$ Funding (