I am Peter J. Burns III, and I am a lifelong entrepreneur.

I come from a well established New England family, growing up in New Canaan, Connecticut,  summering on Nantucket Island, and wintering on Sanibel Island. I was educated at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School, UVa (for a short while!) and Harvard Business School's Owners and Presidents Management Program.

I served in the US Army as an Infantry soldier during the escalation of the Vietnam War (thank God I didn't have to go overseas!), was granted an Appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, attended West Point Prep and won a 4 Year Army ROTC Scholarship to the University of Virginia.

My "official" career as an entrepreneur started as a result of my taking a 4th Year course called "Entrepreneurship" at UVa. as a first year student.

My business plan written for that course, was importing mopeds (motorized bikes) to the US from Europe and renting them to tourists at US resorts. I executed my business plan on Nantucket after my class was over, made a lot of money and never looked back.

Forty three years  later (and counting) I have tallied some great wins (and spectacular losses, lol) in my entrepreneurial career and I am not finished yet...not by a long shot! I  returned from a 6 month stretch in Ethiopia as a volunteer for an international NGO and had a fantastic experience. I have made Ethiopia one of my new home bases and have a myriad of business ventures starting up there. It is my intention to create "Ethiopian Capital Partners," the first Capital Fund in Ethiopia. It is my plan to launch this sweeping venture as a public company on one of the London exchanges in the future. (www.expatrepreneur.us)

In the meantime, I make my new home in Southern California's beautiful La Jolla and have started up at 5-6 new business ventures. My travel company Avia (www.aviatravelservices.com) is growing steadily and recently spawned the largest transaction of my life...a partnership with the actual country of Vietnam, allowing me to share on the travel revenue and VISA issuance to millions of visitors to the country (www.travel.vn, www.vietnamesevisa.vn and www.Hi-Tec.io).

I also introduced a remarkable FinTech product, which I named the "Entrepreneurs Credit Card" (www.entcreditcard.com/imagine). I re-launched my cost segregation marketing www.hlcostseg.com and am very busy with my financing consulting at www.burnsfunding.com

Another large venture… (perhaps eclipsing the massive Vietnamese partnership) is my foray into cryptocurrency mining. I combined the top tech provider in this field with my financing capabilities and produced $1 million in fundings of the crypto mining machines...the first week! See everything on this undertaking at www.cryptechalchemy.com.

My latest and greatest business idea involves assisting the aging population while also being a total “game changer” in the group home business. This new venture involves the establishment and operation of boutique, luxury, and behavioral group homes and will serve as a new division of my financial services firm, Burn$ Funding . After just a few weeks, my team and I have acquired 7 properties which will be remodeled and turned into group homes. Our first property we acquired for our Luxury Group Homes division includes a beautiful Phoenix mansion of which I was actually the previous owner, and was able to re-acquire for far less than I originally paid for it nearly 20 years ago… These group homes generate a significantly higher Cap Rate and Cash on Cash Return than almost any other type of real estate investment, and once up and running and cash flowing, my team and I will potentially have a “unicorn” business on our hands. Find out more about this project and how you can get involved, at www.LuxuryGroupHomes.com.

Thank you for visiting my website. I welcome your inquiries on business ventures- please fill out the Contact form here so we can get in touch!