I am Peter J. Burns III, and I am a lifelong entrepreneur.

Just another day in the office.

Just another day in the office.

I come from a well established New England family, growing up in New Canaan, Connecticut and summering on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. I was educated at UVa (for a short while!) and Harvard Business School's Owners and Presidents Management Program.

I served in the US Army as an Infantry soldier during the escalation of the Vietnam War (thank God I didn't have to go overseas!), was granted an Appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, attended West Point Prep and won a 4 Year Army ROTC Scholarship to the University of Virginia.

My "official" career as an entrepreneur started as a result of my taking a 4th Year course called "Entrepreneurship" at UVa. as a first year student.

My business plan written for the class, was importing mopeds (motorized bikes) to the US from Europe and renting them to tourists at US resorts. I tried out my business plan on Nantucket after my class was over, made a lot of money and never looked back.

Thirty nine years later (and counting) I have tallied some great wins (and spectacular losses lol) in my entrepreneurial career and I am not finished yet...not by a long shot! I just returned from a 6 month stretch in Ethiopia as a volunteer for an international NGO and had a fantastic experience. I have made Ethiopia one of my new home bases and have a myriad of  business ventures starting up there. It is my intention to create "Ethiopian Capital Partners," the first Capital Fund in Ethiopia. It is my plan to launch this sweeping venture as a public company on one of the London exchanges in the near future.

In the meantime, I make my home in Southern California for the summer and have started up a new business funding company. I am happy to say that I haven't lost my touch...there are no less than three significant deals concluding within 30 days.

Thank you for visiting my web site. I welcome your inquiries on business ventures.

I am always interested in meeting fellow entrepreneurs!