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Connecting the Dots in Luxury Business Deals

Club Entrepreneur

Club Entrepreneur Global Network Launches Local Chapter in College Park (06/23/2011)

Angels in Action and Club E (03/17/2010)

Club E Monthly Meeting w/ Founder Peter J. Burns, III (03/11/2010)

Entrepreneurs Help Each Other (12/18/2008)

Club mentors East Valley entrepreneurs (09/22/2008)

8,000-square-foot center to house 40 small firms (08/25/2008)

Knowledge resources for entrepreneurs: Club E Network (11/11/2007)

Entrepreneurship Icons Michael Gerber and Peter J. Burns, III Plan National Rollout of Club Entrepreneur (07/27/2007)

New club to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs (02/11/2007)

Club Entrepreneur geared to be inclusive, supportive (11/26/2006)

Focus on values helps entrepreneurs soar (11/12/2006)

Peter J. Burns, III Serial Entrepreneur

Startup Story Radio With Rob Mcnealy Peter Burns Of The Institute For Entrepreneurship And Kevin Johansen Of The Angel Capital Summit (07/29/2018)

Funding Wagon Helps Create a Star in LV Sharp; Firm Hopes to Back Other Entertainers (05/22/2013)

Entrepreneur has solution for businesses squeezed by government (04/02/2013)

KIVA Biz Talk Presents Serial entrepreneur Peter Burns (12/14/2011)

Young and in Charge (12/02/2008)

Can Entrepreneurs Rescue the U.S. Economy? (10/02/2008)

Down economy still offer options for entrepreneurs (08/27/2008)

Don’t Expect Entrepreneur Programs to Spur Local Growth (08/15/2008)

Peter Burns opens new entrepreneurial program in San Diego (07/11/2008)

Arizona Veterans Small Business Conference aims to help veteran-owned businesses (06/01/2008)

Entrepreneurship Icons Michael Gerber and Peter J. Burns, III Plan National Rollout of Club Entrepreneur (07/27/2007)

A wealthy University dropout (07/03/1985)

Bicycles and Nantucket (Spring 1992)

Real-World Funding for Your Real-World Business (no date)

The Story of Peter Burns (no date)

Spearheading Education in Entrepreneurship

Going Glam—Learn what it really takes to start a glamorous business in college. (11/30/2007)

Institute for Entrepreneurship Engages Investment Banker to Raise $250 Million in Grants for Student-Initiated Businesses (3/14/2007)

Institute for Entrepreneurship Celebrates First College of Entrepreneurship at Grand Canyon University (02/09/2007)

Grand plans: University proposing multimillion-dollar Lake Havasu expansion (02/01/2007)

Entrepreneurship college opens in Phoenix (01/29/2007)

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship College Opens in Phoenix (01/26/2007)

College of Entrepreneurship to Offer Scholarships to Low-Income Students Seeking to Start Their Own Business (01/16/2007)

New ASU class teaching students how to create their own business (12/19/2006)

Gen Y makes a mark and their imprint is entrepreneurship (12/08/2006)

A B.S. in entrepreneurship is anything but (11/15/2006)

Both entrepreneurial, managerial styles bring success (09/17/2006)

University launches $1M entrepreneur fund (07/23/2006)

Programs teach entrepreneurism (07/09/2006)

Letter from Mark Jacobs, Dean of Barrett Honors College (01/12/2006)


Peter J. Burns, III Co-Working Space Creator

Six eFactory sites to be housed in retail spaces (09/16/2008)

Club E Network launching companies (08/25/2008)

New chef to spice up Sheraton Downtown (07/27/2008)

My View: Entrepreneurship Conference offered many gems (11/18/2007)

Institute for Entrepreneurship To Join DECA’s National Advisory Board (04/20/2007)

StartupNation Announces New Blog on Starting a Successful eBay® Business (03/21/2007)

Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference (10/17/2006)

Peter J. Burns, III Awards and Recognition articles

Arizona Chapter of the FBLA Names Peter J. Burns III as Its Businessman of the Year (6/19/2007)

Higher education leaders shining light on Arizona (03/04/2007)

The faces of entrepreneurs: Young, old alike share spirit (02/25/2007)

Valley’s entrepreneurial scene can offer a bright future, with support (02/25/2007)

Video Coverage

Peter J. Burns III on Rockstar Radio (04/10/2010)



National and local news about the Institute of Entrepreneurship and the College of Entrepreneurship.

The Journal Report - Small Business

Entrepreneurship 101 - Colleges used to ignore their students' business aspirations. Now, they are trying to nurture them. 
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Venturecast - Peter Burns Interview

Peter Burns, the Founder of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, joins us today to share his story. Peter has launched numerous initiatives in Arizona having the first ever college-accredited program on entrepreneurship. 
Listen to Interview >

New club to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs

Club Entrepreneur is bringing seasoned entrepreneurs and future startup business leaders together. 
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The only 'pureblood' Bachelor of Science in entrepreneurial education

$4.5M in startup money for students with great ideas. 
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Encouragement offered to launch own business

University launches $1M entrepreneur fund

The University Entrepreneurs Fund was conceived to assist student entrepreneurs in initially capitalizing the business projects they create. 
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College of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the fastest-growing course of study on campuses nationwide, but never before have would-be moguls been able to get a degree in the field. Until now. 
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E-Myth Founder Michael Gerber to Be Chairman

The College of Entrepreneurship will house several unique enterprises, including an Entrepreneur Factory, a Club Entrepreneur and an e-Lab. 
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Both entrepreneurial, managerial styles bring success

You may be moving out of your entrepreneurial comfort zone into the professional management arena, said Peter Burns. 
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The New Entrepreneur Factory

More students are taking business risks right out of college. Peter Burns is well aware of this trend and has gained public attention for his latest venture: a college devoted solely to the study of entrepreneurship. 
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