Peter J. Burns III: The Entrepreneurs Credit Card Is Launched!

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For 41 years, I have lived the "Entrepreneurs Dream" of business formation...and actually have 100-150 start-ups to my credit. One essential ingredient to every venture is cold, hard cash. That's the "gas in the tank" that all entrepreneurs seek and cannot ever get off the starting line until it is secured.

Banks are utterly useless to the start-up entrepreneur. Finding an angel investor for a start-up is possible but highly unlikely for the fledgling entrepreneur. The only way to fund a start-up is through selling your own assets, hocking them or begging and borrowing from family members and close friends...until now.

Sure, there is the crowd funding phenomenon and other clever ways to leverage oneself into your own business. Heck, the guru of them all in field of non-bank finance is Bruce Blechman of the NY Times Bestseller, "Guerilla Financing" who happens to be my old friend and financing genius that knows every technique of alternative financing on the planet. Bruce also happens to have put together the brand new "Entrepreneurs Credit Card" and as his confidante and respected entrepreneur par excellence, I have just been honored to receive the exclusive marketing rights for the "game changing," Entrepreneurs Credit Card.

What makes the Entrepreneurs Credit Card so special, you ask? Well, never in the history of entrepreneurship has a credit card been created for the sole purpose of launching start-up businesses, based only upon a simple description of the proposed venture, backed by an individual (or stand-in partner) with a 700+ FICO score....and granted a whopping $100,000 in credit off the bat.

In this day and age of outsourcing, many, many businesses, that are not capital intensive like a restaurant, retail store or factory, etc. and are categorized primarily as service businesses... can easily be launched at the $100,000 threshold and likely below that. With the methodology I recently created for my 7 day old "Start-up Factory," all seasoned support professionals are secured and paid for from the $100k, that is obtained through me (and my sources) on the new Entrepreneurs Credit Card. A Project Manager (one of my own staff) is assigned to each new start-up and with one of America's most prolific start-up entrepreneurs, yours truly, as the Managing Partner, I will give each hand-picked start-up entrepreneur the best possible chance of success. See link below:

To those aspiring entrepreneurs who are jonesing for their own gig, have their own idea and qualify from my lender, there is, of course, the option of going on their own and not participating in my "Start-up Factory" process.

I even just secured (yesterday) a unique credit enhancement procedure that acquires (for a fee) enough trade line credit to increase one's credit sufficient enough to qualify for the 700+ FICO score threshold that qualifies their start-up for the Entrepreneurs Credit Card.

I remain the proverbial "Elder Statesman" of entrepreneurship, having spent 100% of my career in my own ventures....and I am fervently proud of the fact that I NEVER worked for anyone else. It is my driving passion to empower and embolden others to take their seat at the entrepreneur's table. With the Entrepreneurs Credit Card, my "job" just got a whole lot easier. :)

If you'd like to have a shot at getting a piece of the "America Dream" reach me at


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January 10, 2017 Entrepreneurs Credit Card Update

There are several updates to share on the unique Entrepreneurs Credit Card we'd like to share here:

If your Card application is not initially qualified for the $100k in unsecured funding for your start-up or expanding business because your current debt ratios do not meet underwriting criteria...we now have bridge lenders who will pay down those credit card balances to qualify you for the Entrepreneurs Credit Card and you simply repay this lender when issued your new Card with its $100k line.

Additional info on the Entrepreneurs Credit Card:

There are no interest charges (0%) for the 1st 6 months and your payment each month is 2% of the principal each month. Therefore, once your monthly payment is made, that goes to your available credit line again. In addition, this unique credit product offers periodic increases in the credit line, up to $250,000, for a good paying history...starting in as little as 2 or 3 months from issuance.

Posted on March 22, 2018 .