People come and go in one's life and the same in business. Since starting Club E, four years ago, whole teams of the earnest and capable, the lazy and self-serving, have come and gone from our ranks. This is not a sign of instability but rather one of growth and evolution.

Often the individual's needs are simply not met by a group's efforts in an enterprise and he or she moves on. Often a clique within the group packs their bags and decides they can do better. I've seen it all and Club Entrepreneur is merely a microcosm of the vast array of enterprises that I started, bought and operated over the last three and a half decades.

What is hoped for is that the partings of former team members is amicable and that whatever path they've chosen works better for them. More often than not, there is bitterness and blame at expectations (whether valid or not) that are simply not met. Oh well, I say. Business is not a popularity contest. If those that have come and gone from the ranks of my brainchild have matched the four years of my not receiving remuneration plus forking out over $500,000 in cold, hard cash to keep the dream alive, then they have something to say. However, that hasn't been the case, so I say move on with your lives and good luck to you.


Posted on September 5, 2014 and filed under Personal History.