If I had my druthers...I'd recruit an "Army of Interns"​ for my ventures!

adventures in capitalism.jpg

I'm a "tried and true" start-up entrepreneur with 150 business ventures under my belt (www.peterjburns3.com). Over the last 4 decades, I've had hundreds of employees and while sometimes they are even effective...I'd take a whip-smart intern over a "cubicle-dwelling wage slave" any day of the week. The challenge has been in finding these accomplished, eager and dedicated young men and women that enjoy the "Art of the Start-Up" and my rather unorthodox style of hands-off management.

Quite by chance, I stumbled upon a very professionally administered Internship Program at one of the local San Diego-based universities that has since delivered a very talented young intern with a second joining me as soon as tomorrow. There aren't many in the Cohort and up to 75 local businesses vie for these top International Interns (most with Masters and Doctorates) but from what I've experienced so far...I'd take them all, if I could.

See this nice "Reach Out" by the Program Director to her Cohort below:

Internships - Peter Burns

Flanagan, Melinda

Wed, Feb 13, 4:59 PM (5 days ago)

Hi Students,

 Hope you are doing well!

 I just wanted to let you know that Peter Burns still has openings for interns, working at the local Giostar co-working space, located by UTC. He has an assortment of projects related to alternative energy, stem cell research, travel, cosmetics etc… This list of opportunities continues to grow. He will customize the internship projects to meet your internship objectives.

 We currently have one of our students interning with him right now. She just submitted her mid-quarter report and she thoroughly enjoys working with him. She likes being included in the deal-making strategic planning meetings and has learned a lot. According to her – “Peter is very helpful for students who plan to be an entrepreneur. He is willing to teach students how to help develop their new business ideas.” If you are interested in applying, email your resume and cover letter to Peter Burns (copied).  

 Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great evening!

 Kind Regards,

 Mindy Flanagan

Program Manager | Business Programs for International Students

UC San Diego Extension

At any one time, I maintain 6-10 active businesses and realistically launch a new 1 or 2 every few weeks. There is a large and growing list of perfectly viable ideas that are added to my Future Projects TAB on my site, www.peterjburns3.com. What I need besides traditional interns to undertake projects for my existing ventures, are actual Project Managers to oversee and operate the fledgling business ventures that, once ready to launch the prototype, will receive my funding from the resources described below:

Burn$ Funding

So....consider this a reach-out to all those able-bodied and ambitious students wanting actual experience with a "pureblood" entrepreneur who will mentor and guide you in the realm of entrepreneurship like no other. Likewise, all of you "wannapreneurs" out there, cursed by the words of abject failure "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda"....give it a shot and come join me in my "Adventures in Capitalism."

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Posted on February 22, 2019 .

Necessity is the "Mother of Invention..."​


Last Friday was like the proverbial "visitation from hell." I made the naive mistake of thinking that I could actually have my own cash easily transferred from one place (Arizona) to another (California). Foolish me.

With the ever-increasing advent of security breaches and the accompanying banking laws which are ever more draconian...the ability to conduct actual and seamless commerce is being hamstrung...even in the World's last bastion of capitalism...the United States of America.

So, I had a relatively modest cash payment (few thousand) due me from a colleague in Arizona that I assumed could be transferred to me and in an immediately accessible format (cash). Well...was I sure wrong on that one! I had flashbacks to the time I showed up for duty as the de facto Entrepreneur-In-Residence at an Ethiopian-based NGO with a bunch of cash for the 6 month duration, back in 2013. To my chagrin, I came to realize that money transfers, including Western Union...only work one way....into Ethiopia (www.expatrepreneur.us)...and are not transferable out. I started to feel the exact same way on Friday as I explored one method after another trying to get at my cash.

First lesson learned is that cash may NOT be deposited into another's bank account. Then, I learned that while Cashier's Checks could be deposited into my account, the bank would actually put a "hold" on the Cashier's Check for a day or two, weekends not counted and since there is a bank holiday this coming Monday...I would likely not get my actual cash in my hands until next Wednesday or so.

I examined such transfer services as Cash.me, Plastiq.com and even that "old faithful" Western Union but I was loath to pay 3% to 5% or more in "fees." It might not sound like much but my Scottish ancestry precludes me from just wasting money. That being said, my really, really bright Arizona colleague and I had a brainstorming session and we chanced upon a likely solution....

I would open up a new bank account at a branch of my friend's own National Bank. Then, we would do an "account to account" transfer at zero cost to either of us. I would simply remove my awaited cash at the bank branch or take it out with my newly issued (to be) temporary ATM Card. Simple? Not so much...

Have any of you tried to open up a new checking account lately? Well, I haven't for years and the process and paperwork had an eerie resemblance to buying a new home and executing those endless mortgage and note forms at the escrow company's closing session. One hour later I had an account...and my money. Just what I needed...another bank and checking account. NOT!

I am a "Business Problem/Challenge Solver" and I started putting my very unusual brain to work. Since I've been or am currently involved with so many ventures (at least a half a dozen seemingly unrelated ventures simultaneously)...I quickly came up with one perfect solution to my little dilemma of moving cash. It came about from a brilliant new vertical of my Vietnamese Travel Project. (see link below)

Vietnamese Travel Project

One of this Project's verticals involves the game-changing "Travel Token," a way for anyone (including the unbanked) to pay for their travel needs seamlessly, immediately and with only a minimal cost. This revolutionary product comes intact with a "funds transfer" component which in itself, will completely replace those painfully onerous and expensive funds transfer services. All is KYC-protected and "bullet proof" (my Vietnamese partners provide Cybersecurity for the Country of Vietnam) and each party simply receives an eWallet...completely free. Funds are added and distributed between parties with a modest .05% fee is earned by my Vietnamese Partners. The transfer is instantaneous and the fiat can be repatrioted in any number of simple ways. (see link below)

Money Transfer System

I have been working 1 1/2 years with the Vietnamese and the travel booking engine (1 million hotels with significantly discounted pricing, complete with airfare) is complete. The integration of the "Travel Token" as a form of payment with the booking engine is about to be launched. The eWallet and money transfer system is in place. It is now my intention to "solve" the issue described with an easy and inexpensive funds transfer....and once more, I am hoping to solve a challenge and make a significant profit through a "game-changing" technology.

Onward and Upward!

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Posted on February 19, 2019 .

All Businesses Are 80% The Same...

American pie.jpg

It is the remaining 20% that is the "Unique Differentiator"....and for that one needs to pick the "best in class" to complete the picture. That's really what I am most skilled at doing...picking the "best in class." It really doesn't matter what the industry is to me...if there is profit in it and the project interests me...I will take the shot.

Today's "Project" is in the insurance field. I was approached on Linked In (where else? lol) by a fledgling insurance agent for a very fast growing insurance company. Their model was to recruit agents, first as part-timers and then to build their base of clients to move them into full-timers... earning residual income from their own "recruits" as well from the premiums derived from their client base.

There was a well-researched and executed Affiliate Program in the insurance field...an industry that has been plagued with stagnation...until now. This insurance company had generated over 10,000 Independent Agents in the past several years, earning the founder tens of millions in net worth and setting the foundation for their ambitious goal of reaching 500,000 Agents by 2029. The unique piece that caught my eye was their focus of embracing the industrious Immigrant Populations..which the founder, himself was a member off. The "American Success Story" was exemplified by targeting Immigrant Populations and offering them a chance to better their financial lives through becoming licensed Insurance Agents.

I invited the nice woman, who was ambitious but struggling in her new role as a fledgling Agent for this aggressive and successful Insurance Brokerage. Her "past life," first as a "suit" in the traditional Corporate environment, until she was unceremoniously downsized led to her employment at half her former salary as a Social Worker. This tenure was short-lived and not nearly as rewarding, especially on a personal level, as she had high hopes of "doing good," even if it wasn't financially rewarding.

We met over coffee across from the Ocean where I lived in Southern California. I took in her "story," offering parts of my own in the effort to see how our goals might be aligned so that I could practice my mantra of "doing well by doing good." We came to some initial conclusions that there was indeed something there to build upon. She reached back a couple of days later suggesting that I meet with her again and be joined by her Direct Supervisor, a whip-smart young 30-something from the entertainment field. He had ditched all (and the commensurate high income) to be off on his own now inside this very successful insurance venture.

The three of us met over coffee at my new home town yesterday and we explored a number of initiatives that might find a "home" with their company as a "value added" proposition. It was obvious to me how having access to 10,000 Independent Agents, who may well have need of my unsecured funding and credit repair offerings (www.burnsfunding.com) would be of interest. Likewise, my own state-of-the art targeted lead generation program, perfectly suited for financial services as well as insurance companies, could have great benefit in both client acquisition for writing policies as well as for developing a steady stream of suitable affiliate candidates.

As is the usual case of my instinctive and accelerated "learning curve," as well as the fact that I was an accomplished chess player since the age of 9...I already envisioned the "end game" of this new association. The challenge would be in dealing with the "suits" and the "authorities" present in any large organization, especially in as regulated an industry as insurance..which likely would involve the "red tape" and compliance issues that would inevitably work against a timely and workable solution between us unless...

Actually, the lady Agent offered the idea to me, which I glommed on to immediately and we just left our third meeting together minutes ago. She would willingly be my "beta test," proving that with my help, resources and ingenuity, I could scale her own efforts to reach her immediate goals of reaching the next level in the insurance company's "hierarchy." This would both establish herself as a successful insurance professional and prove the model for replication within the Company...when they could finally catch up with my rapid pace. As I've always said.."I'd rather ask for forgiveness than permission." lol

So...I already put into motion my plan of action of assisting this fledging Agent to support her efforts in reaching her goals while paving the way for achieving my own goals in this completely new (to me) field of insurance. In my eyes, this is simply another "Project," with a potentially huge upside as well as the opportunity to help someone earn her slice of the "American Pie."

Since I am already heavily vested in the Immigrant Population of the Vietnamese-Americans through one of my bigger "Projects," (see link below) and have an extension of both my funding project and Immigrant Populations linkage (see blog link below)

Vietnamese Project


....it stands to reason (at least to me, lol) that with the help of my new Agent friend and the cooperation of those in her immediate circle in the insurance business, I can successfully "prove the model" with her and offer the chance to successfully replicate same throughout her very quickly growing Insurance Company Parent.

In my mind, it is certainly worth my effort here and it proves my axiom once again..."All Businesses are 80% The Same."

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Another day...another Start-Up!

PJBIII at work in So Cal.jpg

Actually, "Today's'" Start-Up is simply an aggregation of the tools, connections and practices that I've been utlizing for over 4 decades...first for my own ventures and in the past 10 years or so, for others needing capital. As I've mentioned in past blogs, I'm most adept at "debt funding," as raising equity is really most suitable through Investment Banker-types and Angels. To that point, I've just launched my own version of a "One-Stop-Shop" of debt funding for the individuals starting in business and even those simply in need of debt considation at 0% loans. My Program offers many tools and debt capital resources to existing and start-up businesses and even provides a "white label" solution to businesses seeking to offer funding to their own client base to stimulate additional sales...with our money. (Please click on link below)

Burn$ Capital

Even as an accomplished entrepreneur with 150 start-ups under my belt (see www.peterjburns3.com) I can often get bewildered by the sheer volume of solicitations from so many so-called financing resources out there. I've "culled the heard" and only do business with the actual owners (fellow entrepreneurs all) in three of the most credible and successful debt capital resources. Combined, these funders do hundreds of millions of dollars in unsecured debt funding annually. And they are still small enough to take my call. lol

Other providers of credit repair, credit enhancement (Primary Trade Lines), seasoned shelf corporations and even a 48-hour "Rapid Rescoring" have been vetted and are part of my own "One-Stop-Shop" Program. I even have my own significant credit line to offer Bridge Loans to over-stretched credit card debtors to lower their balances on their old high-interest lines in order to qualify for our 0% interest (12-21 months) at greater amounts of "fresh" capital.

While I am currently involved in many new and existing ventures like Stem (Adult) Cell Cosmetics Manufacturing, Cost Segregation Study Marketing, the Entrepreneur Credit Card, Cannabis Banking Services, Cryptocurrency Rig Financing and Insurance and a myriad of others...the fact remains that "Money" is my main business.

Please visit our new site of Burn$ Funding (www.burnsfunding.com) and let's see if we can help you with your capital needs.

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"Our Money Can Be The Gas In Your Tank."​


Does anyone remember the old ESSO (predecessor to EXXON) ad campaign depicted in the picture above? Some of the advertising slogans from days long ago remain firmly entrenched in our consciousness and I thought it was an appropriate symbol for my Blog today...

Below it a recent Post that shares the "quick and dirty" of my messaging:


Below is a Blog I recently did regarding the expansion of capital raising (debt) in the US for the purpose of helping eligible US-based immigrant populations to assist their friends and family in the businesses back home:


Now, I'd like to try and tie it all together in here for those existing businesses, start-ups and "wannapreneurs" out there...

Access to affordable (debt) capital is my forte. As a young entrepreneur (a long, long time ago, lol) I had to "invent" all sorts of ways to fund my business dreams because traditional bank loans and outside equity infusions for my ventures were a mere "pipe dram." As a result, I got pretty darn good at raising money from unconventional resources. Only a couple of years ago an old investment banker friend introduced me to a unique unsecured debt capital resource that I fashioned into the Entrepreneur Credit Card (www.entcreditcard.com/imagine) and through the Forum of Linked In Blogs and Posts, I managed to fund many business ventures for my readers to the tune of millions of dollars.

I expanded that "reach" to assist those whose credit requests were declined (too much existing debt, "bumps" on their credit reports, etc.) by enlisting a credit repair/enhancement service to get these would-be borrowers back "into the game" by cleaning up their credit and even bridging them with short term loans to pay down their credit card balances to acceptable ratios.

I used a couple of debt capital providers to fund those coming to me for money. One was the actual provider who "invented" the capital structure and infrastructure that is the foundation of my Entrepreneur Credit Card (www.entcreditcard.com/imagine). This funder requires "A" credit of 700 FICO scores, so those that are "credit challenged" are out of luck with this provider. Their innovative FinTech product has funded $500 million in the first two years of offering this product.

The second provider specializes in "B," "C," and "D" paper, offering extensive credit repair services and then installment debt options for clients that I refer to them. In their 14 years in business, they have provided $1 Billion in debt capital to thousands of clients and repaired the credit of 35,000 customers.

Recently, I was approached through Linked In with one of the principals of a 2 year-old start-up in the same financing field...with $200 million in business generated already. The 4 principals of this company were young and ambitious and after spending much time chatting with them and testing out their array of products, (several unique and proprietary) I decided to make a significant equity investment in their fledgling company.

As I mentioned, I'm approached every day with requests for capital, joint venture opportunities etc. This has been going on for years and in servicing these requests, I've made a large number of connections in the Consumer Financing vertical and learned many "tricks of the trade." In the past several weeks alone, I have lined up two $100 million in annual lending clients that I can bring to the table of my latest partner-to-be and while I currently do earn my healthy commissions for new business I generate for them...I conjectured that in this case, I really can "have my cake and eat it too" by becoming an equity investor in the parent.

Access to the inner workings of a consumer financing company has also manifested in additional and powerful new opportunities. For instance, I learned of the exceptional profits that can be generated through a "bridge financing" element to pay down client credit card balances to gain approval for fresh capital from the lending resource. It is complicated with all sorts of legal restrictions and the bridge lender must be "fire walled" from the consumer lending company so I am starting my own bridge lending company and offering my services not only to the new consumer lender I intend to join as a principal but I am also offering these bridge ending services to my two large existing credit providers. I'm lining up all the legal "gobbley gook," agreements with my Direct Lender resource for my line of credit and processes of implementation as we speak.

In my search for creating the "perfect storm" of debt capital resources, I've added two more little-known resources for the consumer, which I will also offer: a 48 hour "Rapid Rescoring" option and the "renting" of Primary Trade Lines for the applicant. The "Rapid Rescoring" allows for the credit profiles to reflect the bridge loan paydowns and repair to the consumer's credit to be posted on all 3 Bureaus in only 48 hours instead of the traditional waiting for the next reporting cycle of 30 days or more....which greatly accelerates the funding process. The "renting" of Primary Trade Lines positively accentuates one's credit profile and is done in a totally legal and acceptable methodology.

The end result is that I have cobbled together three very significant offerings (bridge lending, Rapid Rescoring and Primary Trade Lines) with my access to three of the largest consumer credit grantors in the country...managing to create the greatest possible consumer lending platform for the individual and business borrower available. When you couple these combined benefits with the tried and true 4-decade-old entrepreneurial experience that I have under my belt (www.peterjburns3.com)...there truly is no one more qualified to assist any and all borrowers to let me "Put a Tiger in Your Tank."

Simply go to www.entcreditcard.com/imagine, www.entcredit.com or https://apply.fundwise.com/entcredit and let me do my magic for you. :)

For those of you out there that need access to immediate real estate acquisition, refurbishing and "fix 'n flip" capital at short term (12-18 months) at "affordable hard money rates"...one of my lenders has offered me access to $1 Billion in readily available funding for my real estate clients. Reach out directly to me at peter@burnsfunding.com for this financing.

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Lead, Follow or Get Out of My Way!


I get it. I am often not the most diplomatic or "politically correct" person in the room...but compared to our President, I am downright circumspect. lol

However, a series of always present and ever simmering circumstances have caused me to share my thoughts on this Forum tonight. People...you just have to stop being sheep and actually get out there and "Just Do It," like the proverbial Nike ad tells is. Don't be "sheeple," just get out there and take a swing for it. Life is short, it ends for us all...that is the truth. We simply don't know the when it's our time to go. That's also the truth.

So...I say, "Go for it!" I get approached by hopeful borrowers, so-called investment seekers or hoped-for vendors and lots and lots of "wannapreneurs" every single day...sometimes 30-50 every single day. I really don't have time for many and select only a few to correspond with and even less to meet with in person but the fact remains that very, very few of the rare number of people I actually do take the time and effort to connect with and actually dig down and get to know and spend time with....ever actually matriculates into a worthwhile and mutually beneficial situation.

I guess that is simply the "nature of the beast." Some things work and most do not. But I say.."Who cares?" You have to at least try. And if you are dealing with me...you sure as hell better follow through when I have "gifted" you my time. We all have limited time in this life and sharing one's time with another is our most precious "gift" of that asset. Don't waste your own time...and you sure as hell better not waste mine!

I was reminded of two such instances that I will refer to in this blog here and now.

Literally every day, I am beseiged with so-called vendors who ply their services with abandon on Linked In. I could actually use some of these services too but am reluctant to put myself in the mode of being "hard sold." I just don't like it but..if I need something and am willing to buy it, I'm going to actually have to hear about it from the vendor also.

I wanted a legitimate service for SEO work on several projects. I scoured through the so-called offers and gave a bright young man my time, (WAY too much time it turned out) to let him "sell" me. At first, his prices were not even competitive but his skill sets were quite good and he even provided some interim examples of what he could do for my various enterprises. We had many communications together including extensive conference calls and Power Point presentations etc. and I felt that we had come to an open understanding of what it was going to take to work together. After several weeks of this back and forth, the "pedal hit the metal," as they say and we both realized that we simply were not going to be able to make a deal. I get that...it happens. The lesson learned from this "exercise" was that some people, most people in fact...simply cannot get out of their comfort zone and take a chance. No way, no how are they ever going to stray one inch from their "tried and true" methods of doing the "same old, same old" for fear of the unknown and losing. I call "bull...t."

What happened is the young man lost out and I got exactly what we were negotiating for anyway from someone else and at a fraction of the cost...and literally closed that deal 48 hours after he dropped out. The new supplier is going to make a fortune from my business earned, I got exactly what I was after and after having been willing to spend my precious time trying to make it work with the first guy...he is back to his "same old, same old" and unfortunately for him, that's all he is ever going to get or be. "No guts, no glory" for the "sheeple," I say.

Another such example came to fruition only these past few days. I had made the acquaintance of someone from Linked In who also happened to be located in my neck of the woods, so after several communications together we decided to meet for coffee. We hit it off and greatly expanded our initial "scope of work" together by mutual consent. It seemed like a perfect fit and as I am prone to do, I rapidly scaled the relationship by opening up a multitude of doors and opportunities that "no way, no hell" could the fella ever get offered to him by anyone else...ever.

You see, I saw a man who was my age, "comfortably indentured" in a high paying position in a sales of a service that I wanted and could scale for him exponentially... with the added bonus that he was actually a seasoned writer and could help me on a long-awaited writing project of my own. With his apparent "buy-in," yet increasingly trepidatious steps taken, I rapidly paved the way from his "Gerbil Wheel" existence as basically an "indentured servant" with zero upward mobility, (mostly because of his age) and offered him a way out to become self-reliant and financially independent...without even having to leave his existing paycheck by embracing my well-orchestrated "side hack."

Everything was proceeding and I made key introductions and arrangements to proceed. However...he got "cold feet," fell away and disappeared. Rather than getting angry at my wasted time and effort with him, I merely reached into my ever-increasing network of contacts and "anointed" a vibrant and already accomplished 20-year old woman with capital and opportunity and she has already produced the beginning efforts that I sought from the older gentleman that I was giving his shot. He lost and both the young woman and I won.

The point of this story is...you simply have to take a chance when offered an opportunity. If you don't ...you will lose and someone less timid will grab the brass ring and benefit while you wile away with those terrible words of..."woulda, coulda, shoulda."

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Hot Shot, “Hired Gun” Entrepreneur


After 43 years in the industry, Peter J Burns III has a rather impressive repertoire of business under his belt. Since entering the entrepreneurial space, Burns has launched over 150 business and with experience and expertise on his side, it appears as though he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

As a “serial-entrepreneur” Burns has covered the spectrum in terms of possible entrepreneurial undertakings, working in cryptocurrencycannabis, and most recently, travel. His vast knowledge of the space has inspired him to give back, but not in the traditional tax write off type of way. Burns is giving back to the entrepreneurial community by acting as a “hired gun”. This savvy businessman is looking to partner with start-up companies, and established ventures alike, doing contractual or project work.

Along with his know-how, Burns brings more to the table with over 40,000 personal contacts. His contacts range from those in high ranking government positions, to the Harvard Business School and everything in between. Burns’ two siblings also hold their own in their respective Entertainment and Finance industries.

It is for this reason that Burns is looking for cream-of-the-crop clientele, those with established business models who seek finetuning to maximize efficiency and profitability, or those who are still in the beginning stages and need assistance with financing and planning. Regardless of where you’re at in this stage of the game, Burns provides an unparalleled level of assistance and connections that will assuredly help you to prosper in the dog-eat-dog world of entrepreneurship.

If you’d like to work with Peter, you can contact him via his website:


Or his LinkedIn:


Article by Jordynne Jarvis

Posted on January 25, 2019 .

Peter J Burns III: “Casting the Net...and Catching Opportunities”


It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and the weather here is so-so, but I'm in Southern California right across from the Pacific Ocean...a "bad" day here is WAY better than most anywhere else.

In looking at last week's Google Calendar, I found myself asking "how did I get through it all?". I account all here:

Exactly a week ago, I met with the 5th of my Lavin Entrepreneurship Center grad students, to discuss funding and assist him with one of his four, already operational, businesses. See my update on the blog below:


That same day, I had a conference call with an east coast-based entrepreneur who discussed with me their promising (and "game changing") dating app. A startup that I am interested in funding, and maybe even becoming a partner of.

After Mass (I am a practicing Roman Catholic) I had a dinner meeting with an old friend, from Phoenix, who I've agreed to help. Him and his partner are planning the launch of their incredible alternative energy manufacturer. Back in 2008, I raised their first $5 million which helped them to get started.

Monday brought an epic meeting between my Country of Vietnam partners (www.hi-tek.com), my Stem Cell Pioneers (www.giostar.com) and my friend working in alternative energy. To say that the "brilliance wattage" lit up the room is an understatement!

With lunch came another bright meeting of the minds, which included the Director of Business Development from ModernPostcards and my Vietnamese principals. We convened at a fabulous Vietnamese Cafe and Bakery to discuss our Country of Vietnam project. (See project below)

Late afternoon saw me return to the Giostar (www.Giostar.com) offices to interview the first (of hopefully many) international interns from the UCSD-Extension University for one of many positions I am offering to skilled undergraduates and graduate students from that Internship Program. (see blog below)


Wednesday brought another flurry on non-stop activity in which one of my dearest friends and the most powerful Small Business Advocate, Sue Malone (www.strategiesforsmallbusiness.com) flew in from San Francisco to attend a marathon session with my Team and Modern Postcard's Team to discuss the tremendous Small Business Webinar initiatives using Sue's sterling reputation as the #1 SBA Lender to Small Business in the US. It was such a powerful session and I was honored to be around such incredibly bright and dedicated folks dedicated to Small Business in this country.

Thursday brought me to a very interesting session at a large law firm in the office of their Founding Partner to discuss my invitation to join an international entrepreneurship educational Nonprofit for elementary school and secondary school-aged students seeking to learn the "art and practice of entrepreneurship." They are located in 20 countries and through my own international connections, I may be able to bring them into Ethiopia, Vietnam, Moracco and many other SE Asian countries. Needless to day, this educationally-centric law firm representing dozens of higher education clients (non-proft and for profit) could defintely benefit from my unique charitable fundraising innovation...and we are fast at work figuring out how to play in that space together and rolling that out for the law firm's clients, next. :)


The rest of the day was filled with potential jv and investor calls, a discussion with the founders and my hoped-for partnership in my own $200 million funding company as a principal (instead of my acting as a traditional referral resource) and then, I had a very interesting meeting in the Gaslight District of San Diego meeting the founder of the largest nightlife and entertainment business in the area. That discussion centered around my funding and potential partnership in the "game changing" online dating app that I can roll out in California, starting in San Diego.

Friday started with a call at 6 am to catch my first two SDSU Lavin grads and the owners of www.bomfyb.com, the niche blanket with foot pockets, I am "modeling below." lol

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 2.55.27 PM.png

Next, a very big call regarding a partnership between the best financial services lead generation professionals in the country to hopefully come underneath a contract in the process to provide the digital adverting products offerings as a "white label" service to the 20,000 business clients of our mega- marketing partner. It went well and I think we have the deal coming together which is HUGE for us.

Then, there was an important call between two of my Team and the newest funding resource (and hoped-for partner to be) regarding the process of taking the 300 "turndowns" from my Entrepreneur Credit Card applicants (www.entcreditcard.com/imagine)....repairing their credit and getting them funded when they would re-apply for funding...this time channeled to the new funding partner. Truly a "turning lemons into lemonade" activity...profits being generated from formerly "dead leads" into credit repair clients and then commissionable funding clients. That process begins to manifest as we speak.

Friday, the end to my epic and busy week, concluded with delicious Starbucks hot chocolates and good company, as I met with a brilliant and driven young woman who is currently interning for me. She assists with facilitating and organizing my rather far-flung activities/business ventures and also writes as a 3rd party observer and reviewer of my ventures. This young woman is a phenomenal student at UCSD, majoring in both Political Science and Communications (minoring in Law and Society), and is hell-bent on matriculating to the venerable University of Virginia Law School...my "would-have-been" Alma Mater nearly 40 years ago. She serves as the VP of College Republicans at UCSD and is the Founder and President of the Political Science Science Student Association. It is my intention to work with this exceptional young woman and sift through the members of her clubs and offer internships, business mentorship, and funding for those who have any ideas for start-ups. I expect that great publicity will result from this effort and since she will be the catalyst for everything that will transpire...her own presence will be greatly elevated and hopefully will greatly enhance her chances for admission to UVa. above the standard (yet highly qualified) fare of applicants.

Whew! That was my week last. How did yours fare, fellow entrepreneurs? :)

Posted on January 22, 2019 .

Peter J. Burns III: “Local College Entrepreneurs and Their Saving Grace”

Image from https://bomfyb.com

Image from https://bomfyb.com

Most of us at one time or another have had an epiphany, one we assuredly believed could be worth millions of dollars. But factors such as funding, poor credit scores, or minimal business connections inhibited our ability to bring these visions to fruition.

However, despite these challenges, many millennials have still chosen to enroll in entrepreneurial courses at their universities. Schools such as San Diego State University, has sought to alleviate these inhibiting factors and aid the young entrepreneurs in their pursuit of a successful business.

Kevin Popovic, the inaugural director of the ZIP Idea Lab at San Diego State, teaches courses within the Lavin Center for Entrepreneurship, a program within the Fowler College of Business. Popovic intertwines the curriculum with the resources necessary to foster entrepreneurial growth for young entrepreneurs and business alike. But of the resources he, and the Lavin Center, have provided his students, the assistance of “serial-entrepreneur” Peter J Burns III may be the best yet.

Burns, began his career as an entrepreneur at the ripe age of 7 and hasn’t stopped. In that time, Burns has started over 150 businesses, some great successes and others not so much; but regardless of the outcome, all have turned into learning lessons that Burns is using to aid Popovic’s young-entrepreneurs.

Burns’ impressive portfolio of business ventures has amassed much media attention, connections, and of course money. All of which Burns is planning to utilize to assist the brightest of entrepreneurs at San Diego State.

The first of those Burns has taken under his wing, are students Carlos Cortes and Cooper Lopez. Together the two students developed a quirky business idea of a blanket with sewn in pockets for your feet. With the help of Burns, the two students drafted up a business plan and brainstormed a means of execution and are now well on their way to getting the business up and running.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, Burns aids entrepreneurs by offering credit score assistance, funding, a direct connection to those in the industry and 50+ years of experience with startups and business planning. Together Burns and any entrepreneur he mentors, will likely be a success.

To see what Peter is up to, check his website at:


To check out Carlos & Cooper’s product:


Article by: Jordynne Jarvis

Posted on January 20, 2019 .

Peter J. Burns III: "Show and Tell"​ at UCSD with Biostar Pioneers


Global Institute of Stem Cell therapy and Research  (GIOSTAR) is the world’s leading stem cell research institution based in San Diego, California and has been involved in stem cell research for over 18 years.  The Chairman and Cofounder of GIOSTAR, Dr. Anand Srivastava has been associated with leading universities and research institutes of USA. In affiliation with the University of California San Diego (UCSD), the University of California Irvine (UCI), Salk Research Institute, San Diego,Burnham Institute For Medical Research, San Diego, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA, has helped develop several research programs and having an extensive research experience in the field of Stem cell, which is documented by several publications in revered scientific journals.

The GIOSTAR Chairman, Dr. Anand Srivastava’s success has its root in his unique background of expertise in Stem cell biology, protein biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, in utero transplantation of stem cell, tissuetargeting, gene therapy and clinical research. There are many scientists who can work in a narrowly defined field but few have broad and multidisciplinary experience to carry out clinical research in a field as challenging as Stem cell biology, cancer and gene therapy field. Dr. Anand Srivastava’s wide-spectrum expertise is rare in clinical research and perfectly crafted to fit ideally with the GIOSTAR projects for Stem cell transplant, cancer and gene therapy.

Yesterday, I happened to be at the UCSD-centric offices of Giostar founders, Dr. Aran Srivastava and Deven Patel re-acquainting ourselves about the possibilities of collaborating on three sweeping projects in the Stem Cell Arena. By chance, Melinda Flanagan, UCSD's International Internship Director had a cancellation of her speaker an hour into my Giostar meeting and sent a note wondering if I could fill-in.

Strongly believing in the adage that "Luck is when Preparadness Meets Opportunity, " I chanced on the willingness (and fortuidous) timing to ask the Biostar Founders to join me for "Show and Tell" at the International Intern Cohort session nearby. They graciously accepted and this is what occured....

Biostar Co-Founder Deven Patel

Flanagan, Melinda

Hi Peter and Deven,

 What a joy to meet you both, along with Dr. Srivastava today! Thank you, Peter, for inviting Deven and Dr. Srivastava to join us today. We were honored to have you all and we thank you for your fascinating presentations. I was thrilled to learn about Giostar’s ambitious efforts in the field stem cell research. I find the application of stem cells technologies the most exciting therapy on the horizon. After spending my lifetime trying to find a treatment for my father’s MS to no avail at the time, this is VERY encouraging. 


 Mindy Flanagan

Program Manager | Business Programs for International Students

UC San Diego Extension | ip.extension.ucsd.edu  | 858-534-5143

By combining my efforts on behalf of Giostar's "game-changing" Stem Cell Projects with the able assistance from UCSD's brilliant International Interns (Masters and Doctorates all), I am pretty confident that we are going to be announcing some good old fashioned "Capitalism Meets Life-Changing Science" here pretty soon!

Follow the "Adventures in Capitalism" of Peter J Burns, III at www.peterjburns3.com.

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Peter J. Burns III: "Ready, Fire, Aim"​ Take 2


Carlos Cortes and Cooper Lopez are graduates from the Lavin Center for Entrepreneurship at San Diego State University. In the "Idea Lab," taught by Adjunct Professor Kevin Popovic, (https://idealab.sdsu.edu/kevin-popovic/) they formulated an idea for a business and decided to "go for it." In essence, the fellas created a very soft, washable blanket in different sizes and colors that come with sewn in "feet pockets" to keep your feet warm. I am including some info on their Adjunct and the progress of their business below. A picture of me with the two young entrepreneurs up top of this blog.

My communication with Professor Kevin over holiday break is below:

Happy New Year to you, Kevin. I am helping your first two students, Carlos and Cooper. Received a pre-approval for one for $70k-$80k and after cleaning up a couple of credit bumps and paying down card balances, will get close to the same for the second. I have my Vietnamese partners quoting the first run of 3000 pieces that will come in under $10 apiece. They met with my bus plan/marketing plan guy who will also be running the numbers with them. We are going to Modern to see about all collateral material, websites, marketing campaigns next. I have a very smart Project Manager who will be taking them through all the steps, a Social Media maven to orchestrate that effort and a journalist to write about it all and garner 3rd party press for them and the project. When I finish the soup to nuts program for them, I can replicate for all worthy candidates, my friend.

One of my earliest communications with the boys after we met...

Peter J. Burns, III <peterjburns3@gmail.com>

Sun, Dec 16, 2018, 3:50 PM

to KevinRobertAlastairMidasSteveMagregory, Carlos, Cooper

Loved meeting you both and you two are exactly the type of "go-getters" I want to mentor and launch to the stratosphere of entrepreneurship!

The fact that you followed our friend (professor/mentor) Kevin's advice to connect with me, showed up on one of your two days off from your "day jobs" to meet me and my friends and produced what I asked for right away..are all good signs that my gut instinct was right about you.

Like I said, I bet on the jockey, not the horse. 

That being said, my partners and I are going to take your info, study it, ask questions and bring you to meet all of us shortly.

In the meantime, since we know you are going to need capital and I promised to provide it, subject to the rules I establish with you, by way of this email, I am introducing you to my financing partner/guru, Wes of Midas-Financial (www.midas-financial.com) and ask that you speak together and provide Wes with whatever he needs to pre-qualify you for as much as you can receive to both repay your small debts ($20k each) and provide enough capital to launch your enterprise on another much higher level with my help.

I will be speaking to you personally with my thoughts on how we may best fast track you both.

P.S. My experience of bringing students to market is on my Dean's letter from Barrett Honors College (ASU) 12-13 years ago, which is attached. They had zip for entrepreneurship at ASU until I came there and SDSU is massively better equipped to reap the benefit of my resources. Help me to help them!

Barrett Honors College Dean Letter

Peter J. Burns, III

Below is one of my partner's observations and notes from his first session with the young men an their Project:

Bomfy B Consultation 12-30-18


Carlos, Cooper, Rob Tepper

Notes and Action Items

Carlos works for a Latino focused agency that has Fortune 500 clients as well as smaller ones.

Cooper - also at an agency, Account Executive (sales) doing Instagram and Facebook marketing for small to medium-sized businesses

They both went to Valhalla HS in El Cajon, knew each other but not really friends, became friends at SDSU as they are both studying Management & Entrepreneurship.

They seek a way to get their product positioned and set to sell in the 2019 holiday season to cover their entire salaries, costs, overhead for the year, so they can do this full time

Ideas for Niches:

Universities - market to university bookstore buyers

Sororities - market to a few local sororities but scale through national

For both of the markets above,having campus reps / advocates to promote can help with adoption

Star Wars or any other TV or Movie related theme

All of the above would require licensing deals. 

Licensing deals are the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

For all niches, ads should feature the consumer(s) sitting in front of the TV or at their computer using the blanket, in a way that we can see the feet in the pocket (somehow!). 

Before and after / with blanket vs with other alternatives could be a fun & funny way to present the advantages of the Bombfy B’s foot pockets.

How to Proceed:

1. Start with creating an Executive Summary and Financials. Consider the items below in creating them; they will become living documents that you can refine as you learn and implement. Convince yourselves that you have a plan that is realistic and that you are confident you can execute.

2. Determine the $$ volume of sales that would need to be done in the winter 2019/2020 season in order for it to earn them enough to do this full time

3. Based on (2), determine which strategy or strategies to pursue that are most likely to lead to this level of success.

4. Put plan together to execute selected strategies.

5. Licensing deal(s) in place `by end of July.

6. Testing and refinement of manufacturing, packaging, ordering and fulfillment systems - April and July

7. Finalize quantity and number of SKUs of each to order by early August

"Round 2 of Ready, Fire, Aim"" of my Adventures in Capitalism (through propelling young student-entrepreneurs into their own business) started with my invitation to the Quarterly Dinner and next morning's Advisory Board Meeting of SDSU's Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. The Lavin Center is generously supported by both the Lavin Family of Alberto Culver Fame and the Zahn Family of the Moxie Foundation. The picture below is from that dinner in early December.


Since that kind invitation, I have met with and interacted extensively with a number of individuals that I met that evening and the morning afterwards. In addition to replicating my "Ready Fire, Aim" Program from 14 years ago at ASU's Barrett Honors College by helping the BomfyB.com founders, I have already had my "Discovery Call" with a second graduate of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center's wonderful Program and am "templating" that process to help any and all student-entrepreneurs from the 200 students who may need capital and mentoring to take their student projects to market with the greatest chance of success.

Perhaps an even greater help that I may be for SDSU's Lavin Entrepreneurship Center is my independent process of raising much needed donations to the school and the Program, engineered from my first stint at teaching entrepreneurship in 2005 and spelled out on a recently published article on the link below. Our "beta test" with the first potential benefactor is in-process as we speak and poses to generate millions of dollars on behalf of this worthy cause.

Charitable Fundraising

In short, I'm back with "Ready, Fire, Aim" Round 2.

Follow the "adventures in Capitalism" of Peter J. Burns III at www.peterjburns3.com.

Posted on January 10, 2019 .

Peter J. Burns III: "Hired Gun Entrepreneur-In-Residence"​


In the past 43 years and counting, I've launched 150 businesses and helped start at least that number for others. I've come to the conclusion that what I really am best suited for is acting as a "hired gun" for both well established and start-up ventures. I never actually had a "real job" per se but contract or project work appeals to me and as long as there is a nice "living wage" and a big upside for me, I will consider taking on new clients. 

A recent "assignment" has manifested a "payday" that pretty much sets me up for life...as well as my children, grandchildren and beyond but like the Apex Predator, the Great White Shark that I am...I cannot stop moving forward, or I will drown. lol (see link below)


I had the chance to reflect over the holidays and noted that I likely have well over 40,000 direct personal business contacts including high-level Government ones (Sitting Senators, Former Ambassadors, Governors and even a former Cabinet member or two) as well as leaders in such countries as Vietnam, Ethiopia and even the Royal Family (new contact) of Morocco. My own two younger brothers are at the "top of the food chain" in the Entertainment and Financial industries and through my Harvard B School connections...I either have direct contact or am simply a phone call away to literally almost anyone of consequence in the world of business.

In short, I'm pretty sure that if I take on a client company, I likely have more access to decision makers that can help them than anyone else out there. On top of that, my financing abilities and connections in the world of debt financing are unparalleled and I've been responsible for funding literally hundreds of millions of dollars of (mostly) debt and equity capital. 

So... by dint of this blog, I am noticing my contacts and all readers that I have put out my shingle and am open for (select) business!

Reach out to me at www.PeterJBurns3.com and let's have a conversation. :)

Posted on January 7, 2019 .

Peter J. Burns III: Bilateral Partnership Funding


I've been thinking about this for a while and I think all of the pieces are in place to put this "into play."

Here's the background....

I'm a serial start-up entrepreneur with 150 ventures (and counting) over the past 43 years. Funding these ventures through alternative funding resources (not banks) is a skill set that I have perfected after much effort and "practice." lol (see www.peterjburns3.com)

As a consequence, I receive 30-50 "reach outs" on Linked In and other platforms looking for funding....nearly every single day. For those that require debt funding, I can help in a number of ways. There are those with the requisite good credit and FICO scores and they can qualify for either my Entrepreneur Credit Card (www.entcreditcard.com/imagine) or an unsecured Installment Loan from my financing partner Wes at Midas-Financial. For those whose credit needs repair and/or enhancement, we can also help with that at www.entcredit.com. Here's the rub...we can only loan money to those in the US with a FICO Score...no one outside of the US.

Many "reach outs" to me for funding come from outside of the US and I've been perplexed as to how to help these international entrepreneurs....until now. In light of my year long venture with the Country of Vietnam in the travel vertical (https://medium.com/@bestworldtravelservices/hi-tek-inc-launches-groundbreaking-vietnam-travel-service-ecosystem-46a800ae30c0) I may well have stumbled on to the solution for my "Bilateral Funding Partnership" concept.

Part of the R&D for our sweeping Vietnamese Project was gaining the knowledge that in the US, there are approximately 1 million Vietnamese-Americans, 600,000 of whom travel back to Vietnam each year. The Vietnamese Immigrant vertical in America is a thriving and successful entrepreneurial population, responsible for sending literally billions of dollars "back home" each year. Another factor in developing my new project's roll-out is the fact that I am currently developing an unsecured funding resource for no less than 150 Vietnamese-American nail salons for between $40,000 and $100,000 each. Taking both of these facts into consideration (billions sent back to Vietnam & US-based Vietnamese-American entrepreneurs receiving my funding) has resulted in the following innovation:

The still domiciled (in Vietnam) entrepreneurs and "wannapreneurs" with successful (credit-worthy) friends and family members here in the US...can receive business funding from unsecured loans granted to the US-based Vietnamese-Americans that I can lend money to. I can create a "Bilateral Partnership Funding" campaign to a section of the Vietnames-Americans availing them to this unique opportunity to assist their friends and family back home to become self-reliant through the use of our preferential lending resources...filtered from the US-based borrowers.

Should this concept find traction with the Vietnamese vertical, I plan to extend this effort on behalf of many of the other international capital-seeking entrepreneurs...of which there are many...country by country.

Onward and Upward!

Follow the "Adventures in Capitalism" of Peter J. Burns, III at www.peterjburns3.com

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Peter J. Burns III: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...Yada, Yada, Yada...


I get it...everyone deserves a much deserved break with family and loved ones over the holidays...but as a diehard entrepreneur the holidays, (really from Thanksgiving through this week) means a veritable "death" to the ongoing momentem for one's initiaves and ventures. Oh well....

Hey, I have a family too and I love them but I am unmarried (23 years now), my two beautiful daughters are all grown up and have 7 children between them, all under the age of 4! They also live hundreds of miles away from me and interaction with them all is far and few between us as a (formerly) nuclear family. That is sad of course but we all love each other and dear old Dad (and Grandad) is happily sequestered in beautiful Southern California with his ever increasing pace of new ventures. Think of me as the "Great White Shark of Entrepreneurs." Like my Apex Predator counterpart, I must keep moving forward or I will drown...

In any case, 2019 is off to a tremendous start and I am very motivated by all that has manifested from "planting the seeds" I sent the following video message to...

My 2019 "Call to Action"

15 Business Colleagues received this late yesterday afternoon. Half replied and I await on the others but the day isn't over quite yet! lol

See the "Adventures in Capitalism" of Peter J. Burns III at www.peterjburns3.com.

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Peter J. Burns III: Even An Apex Predator Can Become A Predator


When your enemies are swarming from all sides...

Maybe you are old enough to remember the Highlander with the immortal mantra.."There can be only One." Well, after being in the trenches as well as at the top of the foodchain over the last 4 decades of entrepreneurship, that video above as well as the Highlander'sprophetic words ring very true.

The "Art of Business" is very much like Sun Sui's "Art of War" in my experience because business is often a "Zero Sum Game." However, in my Twilight Years now as an "Elder Statesman of Entrepreneurship," I've found great joy (and even profit) in simply GivingBack.

I grew up back East (New Canaan, Nantucket and Sanibel Island) coming to the West, first Arizona and then to Southern California, where I reside. After a stint in "Entrepreneurship Education" some dozen years ago, first teaching "Ready, Fire, Aim," my own brand of real-life entreprenurship as an Adjunct at ASU's Barret Honors College, I ended up founding the first College of Entrepreneurship at Grand Canyon University. Now, years later, I have the chance to make my mark again with the vast entrepreneurial movement at San Diego State University. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with two recent grads of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, courtesy of my new friend, the former students' esteemed professor and mentor.

That coffee meeting was nothing les than extraordinary and the energy and exhuberance of two young start-up "wannapreneurs" kicked off why I became an entrepreneur myself at the age of 19. The opportunity to review the actual business the two young men started from a class taught by my friend at SDSU paralleled my own experience of starting my first business after taking that "Entrepreneurship" course at UVa.'s McIntire School of Commerce in 1976-77. Acting now as a sort of "Entrepreneur-In-Residence" to mentor and support a pipeline of student-entrepreneurs is something I can really embrace... giving back my hard-won experience and mentoring young entrepreneurs to be able to dodge the pitfalls and embrace my resources for the highest degree of entrepreneurial success.

As I said at our coffee meeting only days ago..."I wish I had had me when I was starting out as a mere teenage entrepreneur!" Well, I can be be here now for these two young entrepreneurs-to-be as well as many others in the pipeline and that will become my legacy.

See the "Adventures in Capitalism" of Peter J. Burns III at www.peterjburns3.com

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Peter J. Burns III: Peeling The Onion Of Entrepreneurship


Nearly every day, my Linked In Message Box fills up with "reach outs" - mostly requests for access to equity funding and some requesting conversations and perhaps even a personal meeting to discuss their proposed or existing business venture. I would love to help them all, (or most of them anyway) but my time is precious and I simply cannot.

A very nice young woman from Wisconsin was connected to me on Linked In and she and her partner had a couple of business ideas that they were passionate about and wanted my advice. I took a couple of her calls and spent the time to listen as well as to suggest that she send me "deal sheets," which were simply 1-pagers that let me peruse (quickly) the basics of her ideas and viability, in my opinion. Furtermore, she and her partner were traveling on business to Los Angeles and she wanted to know if I might meet with them in person down in Southern California (where I live) if we could coordinate a time together.

Yesterday, I met with this young woman and her business partner for coffee at one of my favorite cafes in Solana Beach, not far from where I live. Under the adage that "people are like onions," you must peel away the layers to explore who the person is and what synergies may be present, (although they remain hidden until the layers are peeled away)...I am pleased to report that our two hour meeting resulted in a plethora of opportunities together.

These two aspiring entrepreneurs were seasoned business people with skill sets that lent themselves to working with me on potentially several ventures...including their own and which I may well be able to help them with. We would never have known that until we had a "one-on-one" meeting, which I perfected years ago when I met with 1000 members of my Club Entrepreneur organization in Phoenix in an 8-month time-frame, outlined on the link below:

One-On-One Meeting

One of the ideas presented to me was a vertical of the Cannabis business involving the manufacturing of CBD oil extracted from hemp. I have a "Cannabis Banking" venture which you can read about at www.cannabizisiders.com. Of course, I have heard about the miracles of CBD Oils but didn't know much and these two had secured a sales contract to buy from one of the top manufacturing machine makers for processing hemp into CBD Oil. Their "model" was to buy at wholesale and sell to various distribution points for wholesale, earning a hoped-for margin of 30%. At a retail rate between $100k and $1.5mm per CBD Oil extraction machine...the commissions earned could be very lucrative to these two folks...if they had the ability and follow through to develop the sales channels and could perform.

Of course, I listened and then responded from my typical 30,000' viewpoint. How do the customers pay for the machines? They are expensive and knowing the reluctance, albeit impossibility of traditional funding resources to delve in the State-legal but Federally-prohibited Cannabis vertical businesses...no one was going to finance these machines for the customers. However, I could because of my unique, individually-issued Entrepreneur Credit Card (www.entcreditcard.com) that I could re-purpose into a "white label" internal equipment funding resource for this couple entering into the CBD business.

Next, I suggested taking it a step further. Why not consider the CBD manufacturing a licensable business to a would-be "Cannabis Entrepreneur?" Create a "business-in-box" model, complete with the CBD oil from hemp extracting business, the instruction how to operate it, the supply chain from hemp farmers and the sales funnels created for distribution. Getting into a full blown licensed Dispensary or Growing Facility in the burgeoning Cannabis industry has become very costly and time-consuming and indeed, only the "big boys" can now gain entry into the field. However, this suggested CBD Oil business opportunity could be created to let the "little guy" into a slice of the Cannabis business and not only bring profit but to run a business (CBD Oil) that actually helps a lot of people. One of my credos..."Doing well by doing good" is exemplified by this venture.

So...the two young people and I spoke of multiple subjects and certainly, we could have carried on for hours but I instinctively know when I have a "winner." I suggested that I could assist them on this one simple execution of the CBD Oil extracting business that could be established and scaled through my resources, if interested. Now...I leave it to each of them to put together all of the material needed for me to analyze the opportunity and to circle back for the next steps.

We will see.....:)

Learn more of the "Adventures in Capitalism" of Peter J. Burns III at www.peterjburns3.com.

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Peter J. Burns III: The ROI Puppet Master


PJB III From The Beach

As Peter J. Burns III is prone to do (according to his Kolbe Index) Peter is uber fast in recognizing seemingly unrelated opportunities, quickly assimilating the (even limited) information available and making a decision to proceed to "proof of concept." One such "connect the dots" scenario has been mulling in his subconscious for a couple of weeks now and only this morning did Peter hopefully find the "glue" to put a working model together.

As he has shared in prior blogs, like many of you on Linked In, Peter J. Burns III is inundated with so-called "Experts" all promising to deliver targeted leads for his business to and monetize. Each offer has a price tag, often up front and with no guarantees. To date, not one company offers to be "success fee-based" so there is no readily dicernible ROI.

Lately, Peter has been exploring outsourced sales organizations, who for a negotiated commission, would "close" leads for one's business. These sales outfits are far and few between and seem most interested in "high-ticket" products and services to make their efforts worthwhile.

Peter's "connect the dots" innovation is to combine the two services...the with the sales efforts of a seasoned outsourced outfit. In a perfect world, this combined effort would be entirely "success fee-based." The trick would be to find these complementary services and convince them to work together and for him. Once located, Peter has his own portfolio of suitable businesses to beta-test his concept and build the path to scaleability.

Only today, that may well have manifested by way of a Linked In request to Peter to connect with a young man who happened to be a "High Ticket" Closer, located in the Netherlands. Despite the 10 hour time difference, Peter and the young man had an invigorating Zoom Call for over an hour this morning. Based upon his initial "read," this young man's enthusiasm and apparent skill sets will allow them to work together to prove Peter's new model. The young man and his Team of "closers" actually have developed lead generation resources and are apparently willing to work certain projects on a performance-based scenario. As long as their lead generation resource delivers targeted leads for Peter's select projects and his Team can close sales, all on a "success fee" basis...each of Peter J. Burns III's proven companies will benefit from increased cash flow and his new friend from the Netherlands will have a steady flow of opportunities from Peter. :)

The two left the Zoom call with the young man agreeing to review Peter's material on his website, www.peterjburns3.com and the blogs he's written on Linked In. The young man will be studying the following ventures to determine which projects are of the highest to his Team as a start:

www.hlcostseg.com (Engineering Marketing Company of little known cost segregation studies)

www.entcreditcard.com (Unsecured up to $175k interest free for up to 2 years)

www.entcredit.com (State-of-the-art and credit enhancement services)

www. prebook.com (CUG (Closed User Group) acquisition for world travel with 1 million 20%-60% off best Net prices)

www.hi-tek.io (World's first and only Utility Token fashioned as the Travel Token for access to our 1 million strong booking engine)

www. cryptechalchemy.com ( and coverage offerings for cryptocurrency mining machines and facilities)

www.vietnamesevisa.com (Only online service authorized (By Government of Vietnam) as a VISA provider for travelers to Vietnam)

After Peter's new friend and his Team consider the opportunities above, they will reconvene on a Zoom call to strategize the next steps to proving the model. There are so many companies out there searching for business. After proving Peter's concept with beta-testing his own companies using this young man's talents and resources...they can reach out to select providers to combine services for everyone's benefit.

Learn more about the "Adventures in Capitalism" of Peter J. Burns III at www.peterjburns3.com

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Peter J. Burns III - "Ready, Fire, Aim"


Peter J. Burns III and his "Experiment in Capitalism"

Every day, Peter J. Burns III gets a couple (and likely more) would-be and even established entrepreneurs looking for start-up or expansion capital. There are additional reach-outs (mostly Linked In) from others who are wanting to explore their ideas with him also. Peter J. Burns 3's natural tendency is to help them all. :)

An idea has been forming in the back of Peter's mind on how to create a "system" of taking in and offering new business opportunities, providing access to capital (debt not equity), bringing in seasoned professionals in such fields as.... web design, financial forecasting, business plan writers, graphics artists, supply chain and operational managers. The "blueprint" of setting up a new business with all of these necessary factors put into a "checklist" is adhered to in order to streamline the process.

The key to any successful business is to put someone in charge with a vested interest as well as giving them access to the "key ingredients" to make things happen. It is my belief that 80% of all businesses are the same, with the "unique differentiator" being the industry expert (or experts) brought into the mix.

I like to think that by placing the "would-be" business owner in as the "Project Manager" supported by the professional team that he offers, will give that start-up the best chance of success as well as "hands-on" training for the "wannapreneur."

Peter J. Burns III's goal is to develop a portfolio of new and exciting ventures, placing the "newbie" in as a both a paid contributor and equity-earning participant in the venture he places him or her into. In this way, what he will have achieved is introducing successful new entrepreneurs into the world...expanding the wealth of his partners and his own portfolio.

First, the would-be entrepreneur is introduced to our methodology of repairing and enhancing their credit and when restored to a 700+ FICO score, is pre-qualified for an interest-free credit line from our underwriter. All steps are covered in the newco, www.entcredit.com.

Next, a roster of start-up ideas fleshed out in a simple narrative is offered to the entrepreneur-to-be to determine the interest level and viability for this proposed "match-making." (Examples below)


Portable Cryo

Boutique Hotels in Urban Areas

Double-Wide Mobiles as Snowbird Winter Homes

Portable Urgent Care Facilities

Tax Consultancy

The Vetrepreneur Company

Marketing Company for 8760 App

Pet Transportation via Private Aviation

Niche Air Charter Business

Luxury Product Placement Program for Villas

Ethiopian Imperial Coffee

Stem Cell Rejuvenation Treatment via Medical Tourism

Stem Cell Rejuvenation for Pets

Incentive Group Luxury Travel App

Cost Segregation - Villas and Hotels

Cost Segregation - Charitable Fundraising

Cost Segregation - Estate Planning

Cost Segregation - Fractional Ownership

Start-ups that will probably qualify for Cost Segregation

Luxury Villa Exchange

One-Stop-Shop Personal Financing

Princess Samira Project

Med Spa Project

Vietnamese Travel Project

LEXpense LLC

Next, the steps of putting together the start-up team of experts and assembling the "ingredients" of the new venture follow the blog steps here...https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/baking-cakeentrepreneur-style-peter-burns/

A start-up mentoring program with online and in-person or phone sessions program is installed for each eligible entrepreneur-to-be. This is a program in gestation with one of Peter J. Burns 3's colleagues who is partnered with the foremost educator in entrepreneurship in the world with over 80 published books on the subject.

Now, like everything in this world it is not going to be as easy as 1-2-3...he gets that. However, since the "mortality" rate of new business start-ups is estimated to be as high 50% (SBA), Peter J. Burns III's goal is to increase the odds dramatically by adhering to the proposed "formula for success" that he is proposing in this blog.

One never knows until you try and after all, Peter J. Burns 3's motto has always been..."Ready, Fire, Aim."

Follow the entrepreneurial adventures of Peter J. Burns III at www.peterjburns3.com

Posted on November 23, 2018 .

Peter J. Burns III - The Smartest Guy In The Room


Peter J. Burns III-The Smartest Guy In The Room

There are many different types of "smart" and Peter J. Burns III's particular type of "smart" is how to put deals together to start new businesses. At the tender age of 7, while following his dad arond the golf course, he noticed how many golfers hit their balls into the ponds trying to get to the green and never bothered to retrieve their balls...even if they were easily reachable from the shore.

He came back after the round to one of the water holes, after retrieving his rubber wading boots plus a fold up table and lemonade supplies and set up shop. When a duffer splashed his golf ball into the pond, Peter J. Burns III waded into the water retrieving the golf ball, selling it back to the duffer and a cup of lemonade to boot. The $50 he made that day (before the Club asked his father to remove him) made a lasting impression on this young entrepreneur's psyche and he spent the rest of his career putting new ventures together to make a profit. Many other early ventures are recounted on his Linked In blog: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pedigree-entrepreneurreminising-peter-burns/

Peter's "gift" of recognizing commercial opportunities and then acting upon them has been a recoccuring theme of his decades long adventures in entrepreneurship. He has literally started between 100-150 new business ventures during his career, "officially" beginning with bringing mopeds to the US from Europe and renting them starting on Nantucket Island as a college freshman for his required business plan in an "Entrepreneurship" class. The idea of renting mopeds came to him as he traversed the University of Virgina campus on his second hand motor scooter, which was licensed as a small motor cycle. The Federal Law changed on moped designations allowing individual States to regulate their use while at UVA. When States allowed individuals with an auto drivers license to ride a motorized bicylcle without having to have a motorcycle license, tags and insurance like before...Burns jumped on the rental business opportunity and made millions in an eventual 100 locations around the US and Caribbean.

See examples of many of these business launches on his Linked In profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterburnsiii/

Visit Peter J. Burns III's 4 decades of entreprenurial ventures at www.peterjburns3.com.

Posted on November 23, 2018 .